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Central Florida Palm and Cycad Society’s Fall Tour

Tour 2 Spectacular Botanical Gardens in Miami

December 3rd & 4th, 2016


TOUR #1 –  Sat, Dec 3rd – Montgomery Botanical Center, 11901 Old Cutler Road, Coral Gables, FL 33156

(Click here for map to Montgomery)                  (Link to MBC Website)

Montgomery Botanical Center (MBC), 10:00am – 3:00 pm.  We will have a guided golf cart tour with Dr. Patrick Griffith, of the world renowned 120 acre Montgomery Botanical Center and a follow up self guided walking tour to see the specific palms and cycads of your choice.  MBC houses the best living collections of palms, cycads, and tropical conifers from around the world.  Their current collection boasts 386 different palm species, 6,348 total palms and 229 different cycad species, 4,927 total cycads, majority of all wild collected.  MBC will provide some seeds from their collection for CFPACS members.  This is not a public garden and is a must see for any palm or cycad enthusiast.  This is a scientific research center where you cannot walk off the street to visit, so do not miss the opportunity.   CFPACS will be donating $2,000 to MBC to help develop and conserve a scientifically valuable collection of palms and cycads.   Be prompt there is a restricted access locked gate at entrance!


TOUR #2 – Sun, Dec 4th – Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden,  10901 Old Cutler Road, Coral Gables, FL 33156

(Click here for map to Fairchild)                          (Link to Fairchild Website)

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden (FTBC), 10:00am.  This 83 acre botanical garden is the work of Col. Robert Montgomery and David Fairchild, started in 1938.  Our group will receive priority, reserved seating for a 45 minute narrated tram tour then stroll the gardens on a leisurely pace. Fairchild is considered one of the best botanic gardens in the world with the significance being on palms and cycads.  There are many different areas to explore such as the Rare Plant House, Tropical Fruit Pavilion, Montgomery Palmetum, Rainforest, Palm Glade, Arid and Succulent Garden, Spiny Forest of Madagascar, Keys Coastal Habitat, and many other botanic areas.  Many people have already visited Fairchild in the past, but it is always a place to come back to see the changes.  There is a discount rate of $18 per person for our group.

Montgomery and Fairchild garden tours are for CFPACS Members only.

We are looking into finding a nearby hotel with group discounts for Friday and Saturday nights.

Suggestion: bring a box lunch and drinks to the tours.  Fairchild has a cantina for food and drinks.

Bring bug spray to be safe.

 Central Florida Palm and Cycad Society’s 2016 Fall Tour

We are going to try something different this year for the garden tours.  New gardens to visit in our normal area are getting harder to find.  The CFPACS board has decided to make the trip down to Miami this Fall, so we can visit 2 world class botanical gardens.  The first garden is Montgomery Botanical Center (MBC) and the second garden is Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden (FTBC).   MBC is a private scientific center that is generally not open to the public.  The center’s collections provide genetically diverse population samples of wild-collected palms and cycads, with thorough documentation of each plant.  We will be greeted by Dr. Patrick Griffith, the executive director, and he will give us an overview of the botanical center and their mission.  We will go on a golf cart overview tour of the gardens, then be allowed to roam the gardens on our own to see the specific areas that draw your interests.  CFPACS will be donating $2,000 to MBC to help develop and conserve a scientifically valuable collection of palms and cycads for future generations.  (Click here for introduction to MBC)

The second garden, Fairchild Botanic Garden is probably more well know by most people, because it is open to the public.  FTBG is an 83-acre botanic garden, with extensive collections of rare tropical plants including palmscycads, flowering trees and vines. The garden was established in 1936 by Robert Montgomery , an accountant, attorney, and businessman with a passion for plant-collecting. The garden opened to the public in 1938. It was named after his good friend David Fairchild, one of the great plant explorers.  If there is enough interest from CFPACS members, we will get the group entrance fee of $18 per person. As one of the perks of being a member of CFPACS, CPFACS will pay for any current member who doesn’t already have a reciprocal garden membership.  (Click here for video of FTBG).

The dates of the garden tours are Saturday, December 3rd for Montgomery, and Sunday, December 4th for Fairchild.  Members can select either garden tour or attend both.  We are looking into finding a nearby hotel with group discounts for Friday (Dec 2th) and Saturday (Dec 3rd) nights.  We need to find out how many members are interested in attending this garden tour and who is interested in hotel rooms.  Please complete the survey at the link below before September 30That way we will know what tour(s) you are interested in attending, how many people are joining you, and what nights you would like to stay at a local hotel.  This information is needed to plan a successful meeting.

CFPACS membership is required to attend this tour, please update your membership if needed.

 Please complete the survey here!