Central Florida Palm and Cycad Society’s Summer Meeting

Mead Botanical Garden, Winter Park
1300 S Denning Dr, Winter Park

June 9, 2018


11am – Meet at the Club House
(formerly the Winter Park Garden Club House, biggest bldg at the end of the parking lot)

11:30am – Lunch catered by Olive Garden
(Free for current CFPACS members, $8.00 for guests and non-members)

12:15pm – Memorial for Past CFPACS President Lucinda McCartney

12:30pm – Future cycad garden plans – Sally Powers, Mead Botanical Garden

1:30pm – The Palms of Cuba – Paul Craft, Author

2:30pm – Raffle, plant auction and sale

About Mead Botanical Garden: Mead Botanical Garden is a 47.6 acre park that offers a variety of facilities including an amphitheater, butterfly garden, boardwalk, and a bike trail. The park is large enough to encompass several different ecosystems and is an ideal place for nature lovers. The garden is listed on the “Great Florida Birding Trail.”  Theodore Luqueer Mead (February 23, 1852 – May 4, 1936) was an important American naturalist, entomologist and horticulturist. As an entomologist he discovered more than 20 new species of North American butterflies and introduced the Florissant Fossil Beds in Colorado to the wider scientific world. As a horticulturist, he is best known for his pioneering work on the growing and cross-breeding of orchids, and the creation of new forms of caladium, bromeliad, crinum, amaryllis and hemerocallis (daylily). In addition he introduced many new semi-tropical plants, particularly palm varieties, into North America.

About the author:  Paul Craft is a horticultural consultant with over 35 years of experience in the nursery, landscaping, and landscape design industry. Palms have been a passion, having worked with over 1500 species and he has traveled extensively to learn about them in their native habitats. A resident of Sebastian, Florida, Paul was
the founding president of the Palm Beach Palm and Cycad Society and has been a member of the International
Palm Society for over 30 years, serving as its president from 2006 to 2010.


What you need to bring to the meeting:

  1. A plant for the auction (does not have to be a palm, palm-companions are good too!)